Clear Braces in Anderson Township

ClearCorrect | Cold Spring KYIf you are like many older teens and adults, you might want a more attractive smile but you cannot imagine wearing the brackets and wires that come with traditional orthodontics in order to achieve your goals. Fortunately, another option exists. 

Orthodontics with ClearCorrect

Like Invisalign, ClearCorrect employs clear aligner trays to move your teeth into an ideal position. Dr. Bo Wright uses ClearCorrect to improve the function and appearance of your smile in about the same time as traditional braces but without brackets and wires.

To create ClearCorrect aligners, we will first determine the changes necessary to give you a beautiful and functional smile. We will take impressions of your teeth to make casts that will allow our dental lab to create a series of clear aligner trays that you will wear throughout treatment.

In order to achieve the best results, you should wear your trays for at least 22 hours per day. We will monitor your treatment and make sure you stay on track. We can make any adjustments necessary to help you achieve the best results. You will wear each set of aligner trays for approximately two weeks before trading them out for the next set. Your aligner trays will use constant low force pressure to move your teeth gradually. Because you will not need regular adjustments during your treatment, you will save time.

Benefits of ClearCorrect

Because your aligner trays fit snugly and are completely transparent, they are discreet, unlike metal brackets and wires. In fact, most people will not even notice that you are wearing them.

You can remove your aligner trays to brush and floss your teeth, making your oral hygiene easy and convenient. This can help you avoid decay and stains, which are common with regular orthodontics.

Since your ClearCorrect trays are smooth, the insides of your cheeks will not experience the irritation and wear that often occur with brackets. This helps you avoid tenderness and the need for orthodontic wax.



ClearCorrect Dental Care Cold Spring KYTreatment Times and Cost

Treatment time, along with cost will depend upon how much your teeth need to move. At our Cold Spring, KY dental office, we will give you the costs up front. Dr. Bo Wright will give you a treatment estimate based on your unique needs. Your compliance with wearing your trays is essential to complete your treatment in a timely fashion. Most patients report that they are easy to use and comfortable to wear.

After you complete your treatment, wearing a retainer will be essential to maintain your smile or your teeth will drift back to their original locations.

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