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5 Questions to Ask your Family Dentist

March 31, 2018
Posted By: James Wright III , DMD
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Prevention is the key to a healthy smile, and it begins with healthy oral hygiene habits and routine visits to your dentist for cleanings and exams. 

These appointments are essential for avoiding oral health problems, but, beyond that, they are also an excellent resource for you. Your family dentist wants you to ask questions at these appointments because they know that involved, informed patients enjoy better overall oral health.

5 Questions to Ask Your Family Dentist

If you have a dental appointment coming up, here are a few questions you should consider asking: 

  • How often should I get a dental checkup? The American Dental Association recommends two checkups and cleanings a year, but more frequent visits may be necessary depending on the state of your oral health.
  • What are the best at-home oral hygiene practices? Your dental hygienist is trained to educate you on the best ways to brush and floss. In general, you want to brush at least twice and floss once a day. If you have dental work, your hygienist will recommend specialized flosses to get in and around crowns and bridges.
  • Why do I need dental x-rays? Dentists today are highly aware that patients have concerns about unnecessary radiation exposure. Fortunately, low-dose digital x-rays minimize your exposure and provide your dentist with highly detailed information.
  • How can I avoid gum disease? Your gums support your teeth and help hold them in place, so keeping them healthy is essential. If you are diabetic or have conditions like HIV/AIDS or are undergoing chemotherapy, a specialized treatment approach will be devised.
  • What else is on your mind? If you have questions about other areas of your dental health, this is the time to let your dental team know what's on your mind. Are you thinking about replacing missing teeth or learning about a smile makeover? Is tooth sensitivity an issue for you? Keep track of these questions as they arise so you are prepared when it's time for your appointment.

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