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Smiling is the curve that sets everything Straight!

January 28, 2016
Posted By: Jennifer Huber
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Smile More

Mark Twain once said “Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been”

Fun Facts about Smiling:

  • Smiling is contagious: It’s not just a saying. Scientists have proven that people have trouble frowning while looking at someone who is smiling. Our body naturally wants to smile!

  • Smiling can boost your mood and even your immune system and this time of the year we all could benefit from that. Psychologists have found that if you’re in a bad mood forcing yourself to smile can instantly boost your mood!

  • Smiling can improve your physical health. Your body is more relaxed when you smile which contributes to good health and a stronger immune system.

  • It’s easier to smile than frown: By smiling, you use fewer muscles than frowning.

  • It’s a universal sign of happiness: Shaking someone’s hand can mean a variety of different things around the world but smiling is the universal sign of happiness.

  • Smiling can reduce stress and pain: Smiling releases endorphins which is a stress reliever and also known as a pain fighting chemical.

  • Smiling can reduce blood pressure.

At Wright Dental Center smiling more often is our New Year’s resolution!

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