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ZOOM! Whitening

October 11, 2016
Posted By: Jennie Huber
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What is ZOOM Whitening?

ZOOM Whitening is an in-office professional whitening system that is fast, effective, and safe.

Is ZOOM Whitening for me?

Most people love ZOOM because of its convenience and it is in a controlled setting by dental professionals so there is no guessing work if you are doing it right and getting the best results possible. If you are looking for an alternative route we also offer custom trays you can do in the comfort of your home.

What is the difference between professional whitening systems and over-the-counter?

Professional whitening systems require a dental professional to prescribe to patients because the active ingredients are professional strength vs the over-the-counter strips, paste, or rinses you can purchase at your local grocery store. You’re going to get better and faster results with any professional whitening system than over-the-counter.

How long will my teeth stay white?

Everyone will get different results from the in-office whitening but to help maintain and prolong your results here are a few suggestions on making that happen:

  • Avoid highly pigmented food and beverages
  • Quit smoking and/or chewing tobacco
  • Switch from coffee to white or green tea
  • Improve and maintain dental hygiene

Preparing for your in-office procedure.

You will get the best results if you’ve recently had a cleaning. If you are someone who experiences sensitivity you can begin brushing with a sensitive toothpaste for 2 weeks before you’re scheduled to have ZOOM preformed or we offer a product called MI Paste that you can wear in custom trays for a week before that will release vital minerals into your mouth that contains Recaldent (a milk-derived protein that releases calcium and phosphate). MI Paste will relieve sensitivity by protecting dental nerve endings and can also help redeposit lost minerals back into your teeth.


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