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I don't like radiation. How much radiation will I get from my dental x-rays?

Dental x-rays | Cold Spring KY DentistDental x-rays have always been among the lowest in radiation because we are focusing on such a small area. At Wright Dental Center, we do not use traditional x-rays. We have switched to digital x-rays, which emit up to 80% less radiation than traditional x-rays. That means you are receiving a negligible amount of radiation.

Benefits of X-Rays

Additional benefits of digital x-rays include instant access to your images. You no longer have to wait for films to develop in the traditional method. Your images will appear on our computer screen in about three seconds, giving you and Dr. Wright the opportunity to immediately review the results. That means that we can diagnose conditions quickly and conveniently, and offer you treatment options on the spot.

Digital x-rays are far friendlier for the environment because we do not need chemicals to develop the films. This eliminates waste and disposal of chemicals.

Digital x-rays, just like digital photographs, are high resolution and allow us to zoom in on areas we think look suspicious. We can also change contrast, brightness, and focus on areas that are a concern.

Dental Exams in Cincinnati

When we need to transfer your x-rays, we can do so immediately over email. Your specialist can have access to your digital x-ray immediately for review.

You can call us today for more information, or view our 3D imaging service page.


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