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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Preventive Dentistry

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Choosing a dentist, just like choosing a doctor, requires a lot of thought and planning. Most patients have questions before going to a new office. You can see some of our most popular questions listed here. If you do not see your question listed, or if you want additional details, contact us and we will be happy to help!

Preventive Dentistry

Woman holding jaw | Dentist Cold Spring KYSensitivity can cause pain when you’re drinking cold beverages or even just breathing cold air.

To rid yourself of sensitivity, you should start with a sensitivity toothpaste.

The potassium nitrate found in sensitivity toothpastes will help to seal the pores in your teeth that lead to the nerve.

How to Reduce Teeth Sensitivity

For many people, having a fluoride treatment with fluoride varnish will help to reduce sensitivity because it strengthens the protective enamel that covers your teeth. This is especially useful if you plan to whiten your teeth because whitening gel can cause sensitivity.

Sensitivity can increase if you have a clenching or grinding habit. The constant pressure from grinding your teeth can cause the enamel on your teeth to break or chip, creating abfractions. A nightguard can protect your teeth while you sleep and also provide relief from headaches and neck pain, which are both common with a clenching or grinding habit.

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We strive to make your dental appointments as comfortable as possible. If you experience sensitivity, let us know before your appointment so we can make adjustments to ensure your hygiene appointments are comfortable. Our highly skilled hygienists are gentle and know the necessary techniques to thoroughly clean your teeth in a way that leaves a smile on your face.

Read more on our Preventive Dentistry service page about how you can prevent tooth sensitivity before it happens.

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dentist using digital imaging | dentist cold spring kyWe base your professional hygiene schedule off of your unique needs. For many patients, that means that every six months, we recommend a professional cleaning and exam. For others, especially those who suffer from periodontal disease or who are more prone to plaque and tartar, more frequent visits may be necessary to keep your teeth and gums healthy. 

Dry Mouth

If you suffer from dry mouth, you might be more prone to gum disease. Dry mouth can occur with age or with certain medications – particularly if you are going through cancer treatments such as radiation or chemotherapy. We can develop a hygiene schedule that will support your oral health and protect your smile.

As patients age and lose dexterity, maintaining proper home oral hygiene can pose a problem. With regular, more frequent professional dental cleanings, we can help you avoid periodontal disease and decay.

Call Your Cold Spring Dentist

Finding out how often you should have your teeth cleaned is easy! Contact our Cold Spring, KY or Cincinnati, OH dental office to schedule an exam with Dr. Bo Wright. He will perform a comprehensive exam that will give you an overall picture of your oral health. If you have any dental conditions, he will make you aware of them right away so that you can make decisions that will improve your oral health.  Please view our Preventive Dentistry Service page for more information.

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