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When you need extensive dental care to restore your oral health, you might not know where to begin and it can feel overwhelming. Dr. Bo Wright has the training and skills necessary to treat even the most complex dental cases. 

Whether you had an accident or your teeth have suffered damage from years of wear and decay, we can help to determine the treatment necessary to restore comfort and beauty to your smile.

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When you have broken, worn, or severely decayed teeth, you might need a number of dental procedures in order to have a functional smile again. When you have an exam with Dr. Wright, he can share what he finds as well as all of your treatment options so that you can make the best decision regarding your oral health.

Not all dentists are equipped to treat full mouth cases. Knowledge and experience in occlusion (your bite), multiple restorations, and jaw function all affect your potential outcome. Dr. Wright is experienced, skilled, and confident when it comes to restoring the health and function of your teeth. He has modern equipment and technology to assist in the accuracy and longevity of your dentistry.



Treatment and Procedures

For full mouth cases, we often use multiple types of restorative treatments to achieve the best outcome. Some of the restorative treatments we may employ include:

Fillings and bonding – When you have decay, gaps, or chipped teeth, composite fillings can protect your teeth and change the appearance of your smile. We use custom shades to match your teeth so that your restorations blend in with your smile.

man working on computer | Dentist Cincinnati OHDental crowns – When the structure of your tooth has been damaged or compromised due to trauma, clenching and grinding, or deep decay, a dental crown can protect and stabilize your tooth. Crowns can also add height and density to severely worn teeth, giving you a comfortable and functional bite.

Veneers – If your front teeth are worn and short, dental veneers can add length to your natural teeth. This is not only important for your appearance but can also affect the function of your bite, by providing guidance.

Dental implants – When you lose teeth, your remaining teeth can tip and tilt toward the gap, causing more damage to your smile. Additionally, tooth loss affects your bone density and can cause your bite and your teeth to become unstable. Dental implants mimic your natural teeth and can prevent further damage from tooth loss. They are also convenient, long-lasting, and strong with the proper care.

Teeth whitening – Before you consider restorative dentistry, you might want to think about the shade of your teeth. Are you happy with it? Dental restorations do not whiten like your natural teeth. Professional teeth whitening before you begin restorative treatment can give you great results!

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If you feel your teeth and gums have a number of problems, contact our Cold Spring or Anderson Township dental office today to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Bo Wright. We look forward to helping you have a comfortable, healthy, and beautiful smile.