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4 Ways to Maintain Oral Health While Sick

Woman Coughing | Top Dentist in Anderson Township

If you’re sick with the stomach flu or even a common cold, chances are oral hygiene is not your top priority, but there are several reasons why oral health is especially vulnerable when you’re sick.

Besides, the last thing you want is to recover from a virus and discover a painful gum infection or new cavity.

Here are a few suggestions from our Cincinnati, OH dentist to help diminish your risk for cavities or dental infections while ill.

1. Choose Sugar-Free Cough Drops and Syrups

Sometimes cough drops and cough syrups are loaded with sugar, and because of the sticky consistency of over-the-counter medicines, the sugary goop can stick to your teeth and create ...

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Why Baby Teeth Are Important

All Ages Dentist in Cold Spring | Child Smiling

Baby teeth play an essential role in early child development, and the way baby teeth are cared for sets the stage for lifelong dental health through good dental habits.

Baby teeth aid children in the following:

  • Help in the develop normal speech patterns when learning to talk
  • Reserve jaw space for the eruptions of adult teeth later, which is why it’s important that baby teeth are not lost too early. An adult tooth can move into this space, as opposed to the correct space, which may lead to crooked teeth
  • Help children chew and digest food

Through caring for baby teeth, children learn how to care for their adult teeth. While baby teeth are still ...

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Why Six Month Smiles Is a Great Option for Adults

Fast Braces in Anderson Township, Cincinatti

If you’re like most adults, you don’t want braces that can take years to correct your smile—braces that are cumbersome and difficult to conceal. Also, many working adults, especially those who work with the public, find braces aesthetically unappealing. 

Good news! With Six Month Smiles in Cincinnati, OH, you can fix your smile in an average of six short months. This means that in less than a season, you can have the smile you want without all the hassle. Starting Six Month Smiles treatment in October means a new smile by next summer.

And in case it isn’t obvious, we are excited about this ground-breaking dental technology that gives our patients a quick ...

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What Does Full Mouth Restoration Entail?

Smile Makeovers in Cold Spring KY

Full mouth restoration is comprehensive cosmetic dentistry designed to restore your oral health and enhance the appearance of your smile. 

This procedure takes a multipronged approach to corrective dentistry, looking at numerous issues and coming up with a unique treatment plan to bring those issues in line. 

Aside from gum disease, full mouth restoration considers:

  • Broken teeth
  • Decayed teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Missing teeth

If you have all or most of these issues, a full mouth restoration is the best inclusive option available, and our skilled dentist, Dr. Wright, in Cold Spring, KY has completed multiple full mouth restorations with fantastic results. 

It’s important to note that not all dentists are equipped to treat full mouth cases. ...

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What to Expect From Oral Health at Different Life Stages

Senior-Aged Woman | Dentist for All Ages in Cincinnati

Teeth are meant to last a lifetime, and they are one of the most resilient parts of your body—withstanding mild trauma, various infections, adolescent cavities, and decades of chewing food. 

As a result, singular oral health issues are more likely to present at certain life stages. 

Here’s what to expect from your oral health at various points during your lifetime.

Dentistry through Age 18

After your adult teeth erupt, you’re more likely to develop cavities, get braces or Invisalign, or suffer an injury at play. 

This is the stage where developing good oral hygiene practices can last a lifetime. Brush and floss at least twice per day, visit your dentist regularly and have your ...

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Do You Bite Your Nails? Serious Dental Issues Could Be in Your Future

Woman Smiling | Dentist in Cold Spring

Fingernail biting can be detrimental to your overall health; consider the items you touch during the day and the bacteria trapped underneath your nails! 

It’s also important to consider your oral health when biting your nails. This bad habit can lead to everything from bacterial infections to jaw disorders. 

Here are a few potential consequences of nail-biting.

Bacterial Infections

A study conducted several years ago found that people who bite their nails have more gram-negative bacteria in their bodies than people who abstain from this bad habit. Gram-negative bacteria can cause several types of infection, including oral. 

Teeth Grinding

Some studies have shown a link between nail biting and teeth grinding (bruxism). Teeth grinding wears down ...

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Stressed About the Dentist? We Can Help!

Dentist in Cold Spring KY | Women Looking Nervous in Dental Chair

If you have anxiety about your dental treatment, we want you to know that you are not alone. Many patients come to Wright Dental Center because we provide personalized patient care for fearful patients.

Our gentle and expert team has a knack for putting anxious patients at ease. Not only is each member of our team hand-selected and expertly trained, but they are also kind and compassionate individuals who enjoy caring for our patients.

When our gentle touch is not enough to calm nervous patients, we also offer sedation dentistry in our Cincinnati, OH dental office.

How Sedation Dentistry Helps Dental Patients

  • Nitrous oxide – Our mildest form of sedation will take the ...

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