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What are Dental Fillings?

We’ve all had cavities as kids and needed fillings at some point, but what exactly are fillings? A dental filling is a material, generally composite resin, used to fills in a portion of a tooth.

Dental Fillings is used to:

Dental Fillings vs Dental Bonding

The main difference between fillings and bonding is that fillings are not used for cosmetic purposes. Fillings are used to help fix the structure of the tooth while bonding is used to fix both the structure and aesthetic of the tooth. Simply put, a bonding is a filling that also improves the way your teeth look.

What are Dental Fillings made of?

Dental fillings are made of several different materials including:

The most common material used for dental bonding is composite resin because of its durability and it can also be made to match the color of teeth.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding (also known as “tooth bonding”) is a process utilizing tooth colored resin filling that can

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