Planning On Restoring Your Smile With Full Mouth Dental Implants In Cincinnati, OH? You May Need A Bone Grafting Procedure First!

An image of a dental patient getting ready to receive a bone grafting procedure for full mouth dental implants.

Full mouth dental implants are a restorative tooth replacement option for those who have a full arch of missing teeth. They can give patients a functional and beautiful new smile in one day. But full mouth dental implants must have a strong and healthy jawbone for maximum results. As such, when people are planning on […]

Ready To See If You Are A Candidate For Full Mouth Dental Implants In Cincinnati, OH?

a full mouth dental implant model being worked on by a dentist.

For those who want to enhance the look of their smile, or restore their dental functionality, they should get their teeth replaced with a reliable and trusted tooth replacement option. Specifically, full mouth dental implants can give patients an aesthetically pleasing smile that allows them to easily eat and speak. Since no two smiles are […]