Ready To Get Your Implant Supported Dentures In Cincinnati, OH Expertly Placed? Here Is How

Ready To Get Your Implant Supported Dentures In Cincinnati, OH Expertly Placed? Here Is How

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Implant supported dentures in Cincinnati, OH are a type of denture that gets its support from dental implants instead of resting on the gums. This restorative tooth replacement option specifically uses two or more dental implants to support a denture. When people go to a skilled and trusted doctor’s office, they can have their implant supported dentures predictably and precisely placed.

Want to learn in more detail about how implant supported dentures are expertly placed at a caring and advanced doctor’s office? Here is how they are.


How Are Implant Supported Dentures In Cincinnati, OH Expertly Placed?

When people go to get their implant supported dentures expertly placed, the latest techniques and technologies are used to give them reliable and predictable results. The following gives a detailed explanation of how exactly implant supported dentures are expertly placed.

Personalized Consultation:

The first step in the implant supported denture procedure process, is the personalized consultation. During the personalized consultation, the doctor will evaluate the patient’s oral structures and create a customized treatment plan for them that will give them the exact new smile that they need and deserve to restore their smile.

Preparatory Treatments:

If preparatory treatments, like tooth extractions, bone grafting, or gum disease therapy is needed, then those treatments will be be performed before the implant supported dentures are surgically placed.

Sedation Dentistry:

So that patients have a comfortable and anxiety free implant supported denture procedure experience, they will be administered sedation dentistry before their surgery begins.

Guided Surgery:

Guided technology is used to accurately angle and place each dental implant post in areas of the patients jawbone where there is enough jawbone density to support them. After the guided surgery is complete, the dental implant posts are left to osseointegrate, or fuse with the patient’s jawbone.

The fusion of the dental implant posts to the patient’s jawbone gives it a sturdy and reliable base for the dentures to be placed on. This fusion (osseointegration) process typically takes a few months to complete.

Denture Placement:

Once the dental implant posts have successfully fused with the patient’s jawbone, abutments are attached. These abutments act as connectors between the dental implant posts and the dentures.

The final step of the implant supported denture procedure process involves the doctor attaching the dentures to the abutments. By getting expertly treated with implant supported dentures, everyday activities such as eating, speaking, and smiling will become easier for the patient.


Are Expertly Placed Implant Supported Dentures Going To Benefit My Smile?

Expertly placed implant supported dentures benefit patients smiles in numerous ways. First of all, they are a highly stable and secure tooth replacement option that will stabilize dentures so that they do not slip or shift in the patient’s mouth while they are eating or speaking. Unlike with traditional dentures, implant supported dentures restore the patient’s dental stability so that they have a more comfortable and confident new smile.

By expertly getting treated with implant supported dentures, the patient’s facial structure is also preserved. Because the dentures are securely anchored to the patient’s jawbone, they give them more natural biting and chewing capabilities. The dental implant posts even stimulate the patient’s jawbone, like natural tooth roots do, making their jawbone a strong platform for the dentures to be placed on.

Lastly, implant supported dentures are beneficial to patients because they give them a brand-new smile. While the denture may not look or feel natural, it will at least give patients a new smile that will allow them to show teeth. The denture is attached to permanently placed dental implant posts, giving patients the secure new smile of their dreams.


See Us Now So We Can Expertly Treat You With Implant Supported Dentures

If you want to upgrade your imperfect looking, feeling, and functional smile with implant supported dentures, they should come to our state-of-the-art office to get them expertly placed. With implant supported dentures, 60% of your dental functionality can be restored.

Don’t hesitate to improve your smile with us. Get in contact with our doctors, Dr. Wright and our exceptional team at our office to schedule an appointment today!

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