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My Son Doesn't Ever See His Mom Smile - I Knew I Had To Fix It

Hi, my name is Alaina and the procedure I had here at Wright dental is dental implants.
Before the surgery my teeth were hideous. I had broken and very discolored teeth and they were not a pretty sight. My son actually asked me why I never smile. He says “You always hide your smile, mom why don’t you smile?” And honestly, I just broke down and it made me cry. I felt terrible, you know, my son doesn’t ever see his mom smile and I just explained to him that “it was because I didn’t like my teeth” and that was the moment I knew I had to fix it.

I felt terrible, you know, my son doesn't ever see his mom smile and I just explained to him that "it was because I didn't like my teeth" and that was the moment I knew I had to fix it.

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Dr. Wright:

When Alaina came to see us, she was having pain. She had some swelling on a couple of her teeth from having abscesses. Overall, when your body’s fighting abscesses, you don’t feel well because you’re using your body’s nutrients to fight off abscesses. So it was really nice that she came in so that we could help her out to get her our of that pain and give her smile and her life back.


He sat me down. We did x-rays and scans to see my mouth and what he was really working with. That was when he came to the conclusion that my best option would be dental implants.

Dr. Wright:

In Alaina’s case, the best long-term solution was going to be an all on six restoration. So we extracted all the bad teeth, did some bone reduction. We placed six implants on top six on bottom and gave a really good long-term restoration. She left with teeth on the day of surgery and even though she had a little bit of bruising, she was posting pictures of her new smile on Facebook right away. That just tells you how much it can really change your life from years of having smiling with no smile and then all of a sudden now you can smile and actually show your teeth and be proud of how you look. It’s really life-changing and just brightens up everybody around you.


As soon as they handed me a mirror, I looked in and smiled. Honestly, I almost didn’t know what to think at first. I was in shock. I just kind of stared at it for a little bit and Dr. Wright asked me how I felt and I felt dumbed and was blown away. I was speechless. I didn’t know how to tell him. Thank you for what he just did in my life.

Dr. Wright:

One of the things I love about doing full mouth dentistry is just the way you can change and help people’s lives in general. You see people come in, they’re just shy and they’re not showing their teeth at all when they’re talking. They’re kind of just a shell of themselves. Then once you get those new smile, that new mouth of teeth, you just see him open up, see him smile and see him talking more confidently. You can just really tell right away how much we can really positively impact someone’s whole life. Not just her teeth, but just their whole life, in general.


He cares about his patients, he cares about his work. He wants it to look amazing, and it does. I am extremely outgoing now. I am constantly laughing. Stuff might not even be funny and I’m laughing. I’m just a happier person as a whole. My son, he tells me all the time, “Mom your smile is so pretty. I love your smile, I love it when you smile.” and it’s just the most heartwarming thing to experience to be able to go through and shared that happy moment with my family, my friends and just to everyone. It’s been life-changing.

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