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Being Able To Not Block My Mouth Makes A World Of Difference With My Dental Implants

I’ve been dealing with a lot of tooth pain for many years and mainly it’s because of bad choices I made when I was a kid. I never really properly taken care of my dental hygiene because at times life gets in the way and I get busy. I always wanted it to be checked but I always had a lot of fear because for me the dentist is very scary. I had a lot of tooth decay and it got to the point where the pain was just unmanageable. This past winter, I had broken a molar yet again and the pain was really bad. So, I decided to reach out to Wright Dental and from there we start the process with Dr. Wright.

I always wanted it to be checked but I always had a lot of fear because for me the dentist is very scary.

Dr. Wright:

When he came in first consultation, similar to a lot of patients who have been putting off dental work for years. Just putting it off and when you do that, you might have a small cavity now with a little sensitivity that we could fix real easy, but a lot of people don’t want to see the dentist and we understand that with anxiety or bad experience before and Nick was the same way. So he had always put off things and then finally got to the point where he couldn’t put it off anymore. He was having pain very often and and he needed to do something and luckily he came in to see us and we were able to do a consultation and plan out a full mouth restoration for him to get him out of the pain and get him back to living his life.


We did a full mouth CT scan. After the scan, we sat down and went through everything and what my options would have been, unfortunately most of my teeth were bad. I was a little limited and the best option was a full mouth dental implant.

Dr. Wright:

With Nick, we were able to bring him in. We took out all the bad teeth. We placed six dental implants on the upper arch, seven on the lower arch. He left same day of surgery with this teeth in there with a nice smile. After a couple months of healing, he is into his permanent restoration now and he’s just loving life. He smiles a lot more and and he’s a lot more confident with he’s smile.


Being able to not block my mouth or try to hide my smile makes a world of difference. People usually notice your teeth first and that’s a big thing. I chew normally and I’m able to eat what I want and the care is very simple. It doesn’t demand a lot in taking care of them and keeping that beautiful smile going. I definitely made the right choice to do the implants. So it changed my life drastically.

Dr. Wright:

The one main thing I noticed with Nick is just, every time I see him now is there’s a smile on his face, it may not be a huge smile but you can see his teeth. You can see a little bit of a smile, every time you see him now. When he first came in, he was just one of those guys that just never smile. So, it really opened up his life and just seeing someone smile is contagious, it just makes everybody happier.


Dental implants has really changed every aspect of my life and I couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out.

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